Laneway Festival 2018 Act ODESZA Tell Us What To Expect From Their New Live Show

ODESZA are in love with Australia and it's a mutual affair. The US electronic duo took audiences on a journey multiple times with their record In Return and now they're returning once again with a brand new album A Moment Apart.

If you've ever experienced the pair live before you'll know that the album is little indication of what to expect. They expand and remix their own soundscapes for the live arena providing a show that takes you on a seperate journey to the record.

With a new album in the can, you're likely to see a whole other ODESZA show. On the phone from Washington before the release of the album, Harrison Mills told us to expect a "bigger", more "cinematic" live show which we can see when they touch down in the country this week.

This morning, they were also announced on the Laneway Festival 2018 lineup giving you the chance to see them in both indoor and outdoor venues over the next year. Mills gave us a cheeky preview ahead of the shows.

Every time you came back to Australia on the last album cycle you basically gave a different show. Is that because the show developed organically or you ambitious in setting development goals?

You know because a lot of our music on our albums is very intimate and mellow, we approach the live shows as a completely different beast. We really work hard on all the songs for the live shows. That’s the strength in our show. You can listen to our album, put it on your headphones and then go to the show and have a totally different experience. We’re not remixing to the point where they don’t feel the same anymore but just so they match the energy of the set.

So many electronic shows you go to, you get the songs played out the same maybe with a few remixes. Do you get lots of feedback from fans who are blown away by how unexpected the show is?

We have a variance of people saying everything from “I like the live version” to “I like the original”. But we try and make it as theatrical as possible because otherwise it’s just another DJ set. And no disrespect to DJ sets because I love a lot of DJs but it makes more sense for us to have organic instrumentation.

When you’re creating the songs for the album are you already thinking ahead to what it will sound like at a show?

Never until this album. I think a lot of the bigger, most cinematic moments, those things probably are influenced by the live show but also by film scores that we love like Inception.

Were there any artists that you watched at festivals over the past few years that inspired this project or the new live show?

Yeah. Honestly it happened more subconsciously. There’s this night in Cologne, Germany. After we played in this venue...the venue had four rooms and in each room there was a different Latin artist playing. It was really live and it was such a communal audience. I fell in love with the rhythms that were being played and how everyone knew every song. That was a massive influence in a few tracks.

I’ve never been to Red Rocks before but I’ve seen the pictures and it feels like it’s the perfect venue for you guys. When you finish the album do you sit back and think about places you’d love to see the album played?

Yeah. We definitely use Red Rocks as the cornerstone of where we’re pushing our songs and our show. It’s such a gorgeous venue. There’s not another venue in the world where when you look up you can see everybody's face. It’s 10,000 people so it’s pretty nuts. I am in awe the whole time, I almost forget I have things to do on stage.

You’ve gotta take that atmosphere and bring it into theatres and rooms that may not have as much character. Is that something you consider when designing your live show?

Yeah and what’s interesting about that is there is a way to make it work. A lot of times it’s connection with the crowd and getting into it yourself. Those really epic moments in a small room can be the best because everyone is there and into it.

We’re really excited to have you back out here soon. You’ve had such a good connection with Aussie audiences in the past. What’s the difference they’re going to see from last time to know?

I think our show has tightened up in a lot of ways. We’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t work. We’re going to be playing a tonne of new music, a lot of remixes that we’ve made ourselves and it’s going to be a whole new experience. Australia is our second home.

The shows have felt amazing. Do you have some particularly good memories of the country?

We just found so many people in the music community out there like Hayden James, Golden Features, RÜFÜS. They’ve all become really close to us. Also the fact that our shows really connects with people. I just felt such a positive energy among all the people there. We try to come out there as much as we can.

ODESZA will start a short Aussie tour this week off the back of their new album A Moment Apart. They will return for Laneway Festival 2018.