Stormzy Is In A Bizarre Online War With A Kanye Fan Page Because They Said His Yeezy's Were Fake

Stormzy is never afraid to be outspoken when he needs to be and he's taken a Kanye West fan site to task because they told him his Yeezy shoes were fake.

The British MC wore the Kanye-designed shoes for his Big For Your Boots performance at the MTV EMAs and someone on Twitter pointed out that they may be fake.

Yeezy Mafia then jumped in on it saying that they were fake.

"Don’t blame Stormzy he probably doesn’t know since fakes are really accurate nowadays just sharing knowledge no hate," they wrote.

Stormzy was then quick to quip back calling them, "Fucking dumb arses," and denying that they were fake.

Yeezy Mafia then said that "Yeezy experts" have confirmed that they're fake and Stormzy then told those "experts" to "fucking get a real job."

Who knows if they're fake or not. It seems very unlikely given that Stormzy has worked with Adidas in the past but it's been entertaining to watch. 

UPDATE: The Vice President of Adidas has responded. Read more