Years Ago Calvin Harris Promised A Spice Girls Remix If SMM Was Legalised In Oz

An Aussie is calling on Calvin Harris to honour his promise after he allegedly promised to remix a Spice Girls track is same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia.

Well, yesterday it finally was and now it seems the whole world is waiting on Calvin to drop a remix of Spice Girls' 2 Become 1

Filip Odzak sent a text to Calvin explaining how he met him backstage at Marquee in Sydney in 2012.

"We made a deal, signed with a handshake - that you would remix Spice Girls 2 Become 1 when marriage equality was finally legalised in Australia," he wrote.

It's spreading around the internet like wildfire but so far Calvin is yet to respond.

Honestly though, we wouldn't be surprised if he did it. After all, Macklemore somehow became the face of marriage equality in Australia for a brief period.