The Gold Coast Is V. Close To Getting Its Own Version Of Iconic US Festival Hangout

The Gold Coast has just moved one step further to getting its own version of US festival Hangout.

As News Corp report, promoters TEG Dainty yesterday gained the backing of Gold Coast councillors after they voted 7-1 in favour of a proposal presented by CEO Paul Dainty. It will now go to a full council vote on Friday.

Dainty is proposing a two day event to be held in December with an attendance of 35,000 people. It would be the first time the Gold Coast has hosted a major festival since Big Day Out and Summafieldayze.

To be held on Coolangatta Beach, he says that the festival would be looking to bring "40 to 50 bands" into the country "plus locals". It's tentatively titled SandTunes.

While the Gold Coast is the preferred site, it's reported that Byron Bay, Melbourne and Perth are all keen for the event too.

Hangout Festival is held in Alabama each year. This year it delivered a lineup of Chance The Rapper, Twenty One Pilots, Phoenix, Major Lazer and more. 

If the proposal is successful it will be held next December.