INTERVIEW: MUNGMUNG's Pulsating 'BBE' Is A Reminder To Be Your Best Self

  • INTERVIEW: MUNGMUNG's Pulsating 'BBE' Is A Reminder To Be Your Best Self

    MUNGMUNG. Photo supplied.

    Eora/Sydney-based artist MUNGMUNG has just released her wild new single, BBE, and it's a song that'll inspire you to be confident and assertive whenever you're facing up to life's challenges. The booming track follows on from the release of her debut EP, MAIN CHARACTER, back in March, and features some scintillating production from T Tofa.

    Speaking about the single, MUNGMUNG reveals, "I want this to be the song that gasses you up. Pres before a night out, twerking on the dance floor on Saturday night, amping you up on your walk/run or time at the gym, whatever it is, you betta be THAT bad bitch. Get wild and bold to BBE."

    We caught up with MUNGMUNG to chat about how she channels her BBE, finding her confidence and more. Check out BBE below, and read on to learn more about MUNGMUNG!

    Firstly, congratulations on the release of BBE! It’s a booming and energetic track (I was certainly walking a little bit taller after hearing it), and I’d love to know more about the vibe in the studio when you were making it?

    Thank you so much for the love! As you should! Be recharged and energised, YAS! I wrote BBE when I was around 17/18. I was in the studio with T Tofa (My mentor and OG producer hype man) and he started playing around with a phat bass and synths, putting together a rough track.

    The first lines that floated around in my head were "Every time I wake up, I look up in the mirror and I be like 'Damn! I be that bitch”’ forming the chorus. The rest of the track, lyrics and flow-wise came about pretty quickly after that. It was very organic, an in-the-moment, what-felt-right, kind of process. It’s the perfect song to boost one’s confidence in poppin’ off, booty-shaking and having the best time with their friends. 

    I feel like your music has had a confident and assertive edge, which has been demonstrated particularly well in 2022. Firstly, you recently released the MAIN CHARACTER EP, which was produced by Taka Perry, and now BBE. Are you someone that’s naturally confident and outgoing or is it something that you’ve focused on learning through making music?

     Oh my god, stop! I feel like you’re making me sound like too much of a baddie here! I actually used to be a super shy kid. Music really helped up my confidence and certainty of self throughout growing up. It’s really held my hand along the way. I am who I am because of it. Just being able to be on stage or pen something down in song tests me and lets me wear my heart on my sleeve - I am putting myself out there. 

    What does being “that bitch” look like to you, and when was the last time you had to channel some BBE in your own life?

     Um… “that bitch” looks like the person in the mirror?! Haha! I think I use a bit of BBE in everyday situations. But one time I can clearly think of as a good example is when I helped a gorgeous girl at the club who was getting harassed by this random man; He would not leave her alone and was being a pest, sticking to her side for two hours plus.

    Even little things like really feeling myself, loving my outfit, completing my to-do list, celebrating me and any of my achievements mean everything BBE. Being a productive, assertive, considerate, helpful queen and taking one for all? Now that’s bad bitchery.

    If someone feels like they’re lacking BBE, what advice would you give them to help them find their inner bad bitch?

     We've all got BBE. Don’t forget that you're really the baddest bitch. It all starts with love and acceptance of self. I think we can be so hard on ourselves sometimes… As long as you’ve tried your best, done right and applied yourself, giving 638479% to whatever you do then you should own it. Do things and say things with your chest out. 

    The clip for BBE features a hectic game of dodgeball – I’d love to learn more about what it was like filming the clip of BBE, and if you picked up any tips for winning a game of dodgeball while filming it?

    It was so fun! A bunch of friends and mutuals came along to hang out as well as have a mad game. The production crew is formed by some of my greatest friends and fam (Shoutout Jordan, Ilgin, Sophie and Jacob on the assist) so to be able to create visuals with them is always a blast! 


    Oh man, I am so unco it’s not even funny! I did indeed pick up the reinforcement of teamwork and the importance of being super vigilant and agile alongside having a steady hand ready to catch.

    You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you’ve been singing ever since you were a toddler – I’d love to know more about the music you grew up listening to and the role music played in your life when you were younger?

    I grew up around different kinds of genres. I’m thankful for that as I now have an appreciation for all music. My mum and grandma would listen to traditional Chinese folk, opera and classics by the likes of Teresa Teng. My older cousin always played RnB tracks by Usher and Lee Hom Wang.

    I grew up on media such as Disney so, naturally, I liked really cutesy songs by Taylor Swift, Aly and AJ, Katy Perry, etc. I did always find that whenever RnB or hip-hop came on I gravitated towards it a lot. What really consolidated my love for it was watching Eminem’s Cleanin’ Out My Closet music video on MTV. From then onwards, I hip-hopped my way down this magnificent rabbit hole. 

    If someone wants to fully embrace the energy of your music, what should they be doing and where should they be when they press play for the first time?

    I would like to think anyone from anywhere can listen to, watch and consume my art. I hope they can interpret it how they like, have a laugh, a boogie, a loud sing-along and most importantly a moment of relatability. Music should be shared no matter the person or circumstances.

    You’ll be performing at BIGSOUND later this year – as an emerging artist, what do you hope to get out of an event like BIGSOUND?

    I’m just so honoured to be in the same space as such amazing peers and to be able to learn from people who have been in the game for a long time. I’m just excited to perform and support other artists and I will be an eager sponge ready to soak up any insight.

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    Finally, what’s your number one goal for the rest of 2022, and how are you planning to achieve that goal?

    I just want to keep being amongst the world of creative arts, especially music. I want to keep releasing music, putting it out there as if it were an art piece with sound and picture, continue performing at shows, meeting like-minded people and of course achieve, in addition to celebrating the Ws with my team a.k.a the people who have diligently supported me from the get-go. Whatever happens on this adventure, I am grateful! 


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MUNGMUNG. Photo supplied.
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