We’ve been flogging the absolute crap outta Shockone’s remix of Thelma Plum’s Young In Love lately, and the other day, after listening to it for the 20th time in a row we decided we needed some new tunes to listen to before we ruin it for ourselves… And who better to hook us up than the man behind the remix himself! We caught up with the local Drum & Bass lord aka Karl Thomas and asked him to put together a list of his 10 current faves and then turned it into a handy Soundcloud powered playlist which you can find below followed by a breakdown of why each track made the cut. Mefjus - SaturateTo put it simply, this guy is writing the raddest drum and bass in the world right now. Every song is more twisted and epicly produced than the last. If this doesn’t get your Friday off to a banging start then you should probably check you’re not dead. Brookes Brothers - AnthemIt’s summer (in Australia anyway) and this tune is pretty fucking summer. I get all tingly and fuzzy inside when I hear this song and it makes me want to sing along like a 17 year old girl when I play it in my car. Tiga - BugattiYou either love it or you hate it. I for one love it. My girlfriend on the other hand is pretty sick of me walking up behind her and singing the chorus line into her ear about 20 times a day. This song and Tiga in general also gets extra radical points for looking this amazing in the film clip - Sophie - HardPretty obsessed with this guys music at the moment. Quite simply there is nothing else out there like it. I’m a huge fan of J-pop and K-pop and the strong vibes of that style of music mixed with the heavy electronic edge makes me bop around like a dick head every time its on. Baby Metal - Give me Chocolate!!I discovered this band in Tokyo and they are my favourite thing ever. Check out the film clip. How did nobody think to make a death metal group featuring 12 year old Japanese girls as the front women before now? IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Must Die! - Hellcat (Habstrakt remix)Must Die! is so on point right now. Super heavy music produced amazingly. This remix takes a wonky left hand turn on the original. Serious head nods and screw face on this one. Thelma Plum - Young In Love (Shockone remix)I’ve put this one in here because I am interested in blatant self promotion. It’s pretty different for me style wise, but when I heard the original, the chorus vocals jumped out at me so much and were so awesome that I felt I had to do a remix that really highlighted them. This is what came out. QT - Hey QTI can not stop singing this song. It disturbs me how catchy it is. Help.. Inside Info & Prolix - TransposedProbably my favourite drum and bass tune this week. Such simple. So Groove. Wow. This is how Drum and bass is supposed to sound. Neosignal - Space GsusImagine if the T-1000 dude from Terminator was a DJ and he collaborated with Justice in the future and they came back from the future to show Jon Connor how to make a hell filthy bass drop and then they all just got hell turnt up and did the best set at Stereosonic on the main stage. And that’s what this song is. Stay tuned to Cool Accidents for more Shockone news as word on the street is he has been in the lab making bangers #frothinggg
It seems that Black Friday (America’s post turkey eating day sales event) has gone and become a secondary Record Store Day being that they’re now making special records for the occasion. Here’s a few goodies we’d like from Santa. Getting better as you go down. A Planet Rock 12” that glows in the dark and is limited to 1982 copies. Here’s hoping the finished product is actually round. Yes. Wu Tang. Cash rules everything .. especially making clear vinyl 12’s. Does it get better? Funky People 7”s in a little box. Form an orderly queue ‘cross the tracks. Niceness.
The Profile Formally Known As Prince
Isn’t it good that Prince has quit the internet? We’re not sure why exactly, but there’s a perverse rightness about it that bucks reason. It didn’t make him and it (probably) can’t destroy him so oddly the move just seems RIGHT. And there’s a delicious futility in posting about it. Nice work little fella.
Eww Gross.
Look, no one wants a reason to think about their parents bumpin’ uglies BUT have you ever wondered what song Mum & Dad might have had on the stereo while you were being conceived? Whether you want to know or not, Pork Track has the answer. Click HERE to find out.
THE Pop Group
In theory reformations seem good. It gives us a chance to catch up with our favourites years on. And it is not unencouraging if they actually have: A.The original line up (or most of it)B. A long time since they last played (ideally before almost anyone could have seen them, even if they’d played many shows)C. Some relevant new musicD. A burning passion to do something different to the pop/pap that is ubiquitous (so we need them to scream, shout and stomp)E. An a-list relevant producer/music figure like Paul Epworth on board (which he’d only be doing for pure passion) So we should be happy agent provocateurs The Pop Group are back, and we could wish that they put the cat amongst the pigeons. But after a listen to the first song squeezed into the world… the jury is a bit out. -TH
Feel Good Music Alert.
Is it just us? Or does Chance The Rapper’s music have the same affect on everyone else, in that listening to it makes you smile like an ABSOLUTE MUPPET. Ever since hearing Juice and the Acid Rap that followed and more recently with his work as a quarter of The Social Experiment posse, the 21 year old rap crooner has had us grinnin’ from ear to ear. And now he’s back with a new joint Sunday Candy with Donnie Trumpet and the rest of The Social Experiment gang and yep, it’s yet another guaranteed sureshot feel good number drenched with positive vibes. Keep em coming please Chance… music NEEDS you.
The Godfather Of Rap.
There’s no denying that the new Mark Ronson track featuring the James Brown of rap Mystikal is a JAM. BUT is it as good as the still unreleased joint from a couple of years ago below that was obviously the prototype? Nope.
Pistol Shots Fired.
ICYMI John Lydon took part in a live chat for The Guardian last month and unsurprisingly he took the chance to fire some shots at a few peeps including Russell Brand & The Clash. With questions focusing on the musician’s punk roots, Lydon responded with: "Nobody gives a toss about The Clash. In the beginning there was The Sex Pistols. Then there’s PIL. The Public Image Limited… [The] best PIL song has yet to be written. I am writing at the moment. The day I die I’ll let you know how things are."
Maison Kitsuné Turns Sweet 16
What more appropriate way to celebrate the release of Maison Kitsuné 16, than with ‘The Sweet Sixteen Edition’ – relaxed dance beats for the coolest Sweet Sixteen bashes and beyond. Upcoming French producer Fakear mobilises the beats on the compilation with the track ‘Interstellar’ (every bit as attractive as McConaughey and every bit as epic as his latest film), set to remind you exactly what it was like to be sixteen again. “Who’s not for re-experiencing the emotions of being 16 again?” says Kitsuné co-founder Gildas Loaec. The compilation has pulled together all the best new artists, lo-fi through to dance, to DJ for your party. The array of international artists features the likes of Buscabulla, Danglo, Citizens!, Kwamie Liv, Tobtok, We Are Shining and more. Deeper, yet “more gentle and tender” than previous Kitsuné compilations, Loaec hopes The Sweet Sixteen Edition is “as wild and eclectic as you would expect from Kitsuné” – just don’t forget to stop to appreciate its femininity.  The hip label is always on beat, with artwork for the compilation composed of drawings by 23 emerging illustrators scouted by the label. Earlier this year we saw Maison Kitsuné’s New York Fashion Week debut at the Standard High Line, and personally, I’m a big fan of the relaxed cool vibes emanating from everything they touch. For a taste of the latest compilation, check out this MiniMix by Jerry Bouthier and you can stream it in its entirety below. It’s effortlessly French. - Leilani Williams
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