Hug Life
They’re all about that Thug Hug Life on Play Schoolboy Q.Another sure shot from our #TVSHOWBANDNAMES series.
Diggin’ In The Crates with Charli XCX
LUCKY US! - We got the opportunity to go record shopping with Charli XCX when she was in town for the recent Groovin’ The Moo festival dates and found out a few records that meant a little somethin’ to our fave pop mega-star/babe. Don’t believe us? Well… IN YOUR FACE SUCKERS :PLUCKY YOU! - We’re not total jerks though, mainly because we’re giving you guys the chance to win all the records that Charli picked on the day, as in the exact same ones that she held and chatted about in the video below as well as a personally signed record tote bag. It’s super easy to enter, just head HERE and tell us in 25 words or less why you’re a SUCKER for Charli XCX!BONUS CHARLI XCX BIZ:Check out Charli jamming an impromptu version of Boom Clap with some guy called Nile Rodgers (!!!!) HEREGet your ears around the super dope Doing It remix (as heard in the vid above) by Australia’s very own Carmada HERECharli XCX’s Sucker is available now where all killer pop records that’ll slap you in the face and steal your lunch money are sold | streamed.
When The Dark Lord Calls
Bruce Lundvall passed away.One of the greatest and nicest of record company people Bruce was a musician’s executive across a career that spanned Sony and Elektra, but ended where he most wanted to be – Blue Note Records.Bruce (with Michael Cuscuna) reinvigorated the greatest of jazz labels by making it a label of choice for new artists, as well as home to a great reissue catalogue. He stuck with the program and along the way nurtured talent that crossed over (Dianne Reeves, Rachelle Ferrell) and talent that didn’t quite (Bobby Watson, Michel Petrucciani, Cassandra Wilson, Greg Osby) but that was important. He had a commercial ear, and never stopped thinking that jazz could be important music, but sell too.Bruce was a gentleman first and foremost – and a very funny one. In his office he kept a statue of his hero W.C Fields and like Fields he was never short of a story or one liner. He was also a storybook of jazz tales – having worked with all the greatest of them all.A favourite concerned a meeting he was having with legendary tenor player Stan Getz who was bringing in one of his later hits, The Peacocks. Stan was not an easy guy, and was a legend in his own right. So Bruce was embarrassed when his secretary (as they were then – Bruce would never have typed a message himself) interrupted. But things improved when she said “I have Miles Davis on the phone”. Even Getz was interested.Now Miles was in his mid 70s Dark Lord phase and always spoke with a deep raspy voice full of expletives (We’ve included the pic above for full effect)“Lundvall” he said, “I got my new album here to play you. Want to hear it? I’ll play it”.Bruce was, of course, bursting but Getz was there. But Getz was too, so they agreed and Miles played the album down the phone to them both, with it coming through the speaker. It was – like Miles’ best 70s work – long, intense and dark. Not easy music.“So what did you think?” the Dark Lord rasped.Bruce, ever the enthusiast, replied at once “Miles, you’ve done it again, you are a genius”.“Bruce, you muthafucka, that was my last record. The one you just put out” came the reply and down went the phone.“I didn’t hear from that son of a bitch for 6 months” Bruce told us, as we sat listening, students at the oracle. “He just had a dark crazy sense of humour, and he thought that was really funny”. “At least Getz still signed, but he added money to the deal for that!”.Bruce Lundvall. Great Man. Good Luck. Wherever he is music will be playing and laughter flowing and Dexter Gordon will be close by.-TH
Paid In Full (The Hopium Caught You Remix)
Ever dream you made a song and got rich (well a bit wealthier)?And everyone knew your song? All over the world?Remember “Dreamers” by Hopium? The perfect piece of floaty pop featuring Phoebe Lou we all loved, and voted into the Hottest 100..A success, but to a degree.Now listen carefully to the introduction to this record which has sold 3x platinum in Australia alone and been #1 in 30+ countries. That’s like, 5+ million singles sales you guys.It must be nice to wake up on a Friday and realise they acknowledged your share of the songwriting! And a good place to launch your newbie from, the brilliant Right NowNow, here’s hoping that Puth’s publishers can work out who the f*ck Hopium actually are so they can send through the $$$
The Future Sound Of Pop
“I love PC Music. It’s intelligent and I like how they’re fucking with people.” - Charli XCX
Colleen - Captain Of None
Colleen Is an interesting artist who has really good taste which you can hear thanks to her contribution to the brilliant Fact Mag mix series.In it, she serves up a collection of dub and reggae which spans the undoubtedly well known (Burning Spear, Lee Perry) but still under-listened to, to the outright obscure (Wackies Rhythm Force, King Burnett). It’s a great listen and well worth taking a minute (or 59) out of your day to digest. For the full article and tracklist click HERE.But how you get from these to this track from her new album is something we can’t easily figure.But she says one came from the other.Which is why she is an artist, and we aren’t and why we need to love and cherish artists as well as the music that inspires them.
Hopium Bring Sexy Back Right Now.
Oooooooeeeee, is it just me or is it getting hot in here!? We knew Hopium could do banger without much effort (see Dreamers) but we didn’t quite realise they were planning on bringing sexy back in 2015. And all this is just from the audio, if you’re brave enough to turn the video on as well then you might want to make sure you’re alone in the room because… well, you’ll see. This isn’t gaudy Wrecking Ball sexuality though, this is a meticulously shot piece of art. It’s bodily and visceral, a lot like the song itself which actually feels like a Rihanna track got covered and filtered through a microwave, in the most excellent way possible. These cats can write a tune, whoever they are…Hopium’s Right Now is available now where all quality tunes are sold | streamed.
Feeling Blue Lee?
In hot pop celeb news, yesterday Lee Ryan declared bankruptcy in the UK.For those unaware, Lee Ryan was in the 90s boy band Blue who had one (or so) good records in the days before TV reality pop shows.That’s the same Lee Ryan who responded brilliantly to the event of 9/11 in New York with -“Who gives a f**k about New York when elephants are being killed”.Leading to the brilliant comment yesterday:“Who gives a f##k about bankrupt Lee Ryan when orang-utans are dying?”Got to love social media.
One For The Headphones
These blokes above might look like a pair of proper idiots, even if Pharell bit their style some years later.But they aren’t. They are one of the most innovative mixing teams ever.Famous for this -which still sounds ridiculously good even now that it’s beyond old school.And this -which comes from a time before copyright laws completely constrained creativity, and is probably the best mix album ever.
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