Focus On The Local with OKS
The old adage goes, “when it rains, it pours” and today we are neck deep in the deluge. The influx of incredibly exciting Oscar Key Sung related content that’s torn through the internet this week is quite simply too much for all those who have waited patiently this past year. His Holograms EP was a titanic but wait for it, bigger things lie ahead. He’s this week dropped three different audio offerings on us, the first and most important of which is the lead single from his newly announced and forthcoming Altruism EP. It’s called Skip and just like Oscar in the track’s lyrics, we “want the extended edition” because this thing slays. His vocals have next leveled since Holograms and his song writing is getting intimidatingly good. Cop that single below…More than that though, he dropped a teaser track called Premonition AND a self-made remix of the very same track.On top of all that, we’re now graced with the news that OKS is going to be touring across our fair shores on the Altruism tour. Cop the dates below. It’s a red-letter day!OKS’s Altruism is up for pre-order on iTunes, cop it and be instantly gratified with lead single Skip NOW.
Desert Island Discs with Dylan Joel
Fresh off of dropping his stellar new single Swing, we caught up with local emcee extraordinaire Dylan Joel and asked him to hit us with his desert island discs, which he broke off into two sections; HOP & NON HOP.Peep the video for the catchy as f#*k Swing below which features Mantra & Bliss N Eso’s DJ Izm and read on to find out about his 10 most listened to albums that have played their part in inspiring and shaping the up and coming wordsmith.1. Shad - TSOL (2010)- First time I traveled North America/Canada, I connected with a bunch of unreal people in Toronto (now some of my closest homies), and they introduced me to Shad’s record. One extremely shaping moment for me.2. Eminem - Infinite (1996)- By far my favourite Eminem album. Sadly miss this era of his music a lot hey. But it’s a rad one to throw on and just vibe with. If you’ve never heard Eminem rap with a positive feel ha, here it is.3. Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road (2006)- Easily my most listened to album during early days of high school. Really founded a lot of my passion for hip hop in Aus, and fueled a lot of the childhood dreams I’m probably too stubborn to leave as dreams ha. Still love throwing this on occasionally for the nostalgic inspiration.4. Bliss N Eso - Day Of The Dog (2006)- BnE were actually the first hip hop act I’d ever seen live! I can still remember it that clearly. The next day, I woke up, went straight to my bedroom computer and I’m pretty sure I attempted to make my first ever original beat. This album carried me through those identity seeking days ha, parties, fights, every high school romance, and still I flick back to it on a semi-regular basis! (Find it helps to keep myself grounded on where I’ve been and the importance that holds in what I’m doing now). - Something real for you.5. Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap (2013)- When this record came out, it was a huge refreshment to the closure I was feeling in Aus hip hop at the time. Having gospel as my first experience of live music ever, and being a massive (but still fairly recent) hip hop fan, almost made this album a punch in the face more than anything. A realisation to the fact that they’re are potentially no boundaries to what hip hop should sound like musically. That the greater importance lies behind creating whatever is ‘authentic’ or ‘genuine’ to you. Will always love this record.6. Citizen Cope - The Clarence Greenwood Recordings (2004)- This just has too many quality tracks to skip by. One of those albums that gave me a lot of my musical inspiration outside of hip hop. Groove is on point throughout the entire record. Highly recommend listening through start to finish!7. Tracy Chapman - Collection (1988-2000)- Practically grew up on this. I feel like my parents used to pretty much only play this record along with Fleetwood Mac, every car trip. (probably not true, but it felt that way). May have forgotten about Tracy for a few years (guilty confession), but within the last few years, I found her again! And I know this record will always be gold to me. Takes me back home every time.8. Ed Sheeran - X (2014)- Had to throw in something real recent. And having only given Ed’s music a proper listen to since the album dropped, I stand firm in saying that he’s one of the most raw and talented artists in the pop scene today. Every track on this record holds its own quality and achieves what a lot of today’s music can’t. - It’s loved by every single age demographic and generation today. Talented mofo! All respect.9. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More (2009)- I think this record was a game changer for most of the world. A folk album that went viral across the world. So much talent on so many levels, especially in song writing. I can’t it makes me want to play folk music ha, but I appreciate this record just as much as the next hip hop album. Unreal.10. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange (2012)- Damnnn. When this record dropped, people lost it! And I was too high on my horse to give it a spin straight away. So I waited for the world to chill a bit, bought it off iTunes and sat on my back deck taking in every element with a fresh perspective. Almost every time my band and I hit the road for shows/tours, this gets played right through. Dig!Dylan Joel’s Swing is available now where all good records are sold | streamed
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Review: RATKING’s 700-FILL
If you haven’t caught on yet, know this, the new RATKING surprise album 700 Fill is ABSOLUTE FIRE. The free to good home nine track project bleeds out with the same classic repetitive beats, strange samples and droning hooks that made the group an internet phenomenon after their first two projects Wiki93 and debut album So It Goes. It was the latter, which featured the crazy track So Sick Stories with the young future of British music and Cool Accidents fave King Krule that really resulted in people paying attention and helped them travel the world including a visit to Australia for the recent Laneway Festivals and sideshows where they absolutely slayed it.The crew that consists of front man Wiki (who in my opinion is raps equivalent to the aforementioned King Krule), Hak and untraditional formally dread-locked god producer Sporting Life have brought all they had in the arsenal to the new work including strong, minimal features from the likes of underground scene rappers Remy Banks, Despot, Slickboy and Wiki’s own better half the beautiful Princess Nokia.  However it’s none of these features or even a singular track that brings the most important element of 700 Fill, it’s the hard working and new school attitude of the fresh faced NYC scene that seems to be sitting well with the youth of the world wide rap scene that helps the project resonate so well.  Pegged as the new face of New York alongside up and comings stars like Joey Bada$$ (who also is currently making his mark after recently dropping his fantastic debut B4DA$$) Wiki is not content with settling for this simple image. While throughout the album the young crew rep the always illusive NYC sound and talk of the struggles that come along with making it big in the largest and most constantly growing hip hop scene in the world, overall it feels like the project is meant to be read as a message, a message that RATKING has conquered the hometown and now they’re coming for you and yours. This crew is ambitious and talented, a sometimes seemingly unfound pairing in today’s youth both in music and life in the eyes of older generations.  The message is best heard on the third track Bethel where Wiki raps of the advantage that coming from New York gives him over others trying to do the same thing, even going as far as to claim himself as the MVP or that others have given him this title. Perhaps the strongest track on 700 Fill comes late in the piece; the seventh track titled Sleep Tech is hypnotic in the way that it plants its hook deep into your brain and leaves it there for as far I can tell forever. Strong features from Despot and the amazing Princess Nokia bring the song into hit territory and Sporting Life really went all out on this simple beat that rings throughout in generally the same way whether it be during the hook or the verses.  If it wasn’t already obvious RATKING have a bright future, whether it’s as the face of the New York scene or as legitimate worldwide superstars who cares, as long as they keep giving us shit like this to listen to on the regular.-Mac Dennis
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A Little Old Time In a New Time.
In our modern day world where the biggest struggles are whether to use text, whats app or Facebook to contact your friend, which Netflix series to start next and which takeout to order from, we must do our best to enjoy the earthly and sensual things in life. So when I first heard Seasonal Hire, the new Steve Gunn and the Black Twig Pickers LP, I did just that. There’s music to sing along to, there’s music to dance to and then there’s music to take you on a magical, spiritual journey. Seasonal Hire is the latter and in some ways even better than Steve Gunn’s much raved about Way Out Weather record from last year. There’s nothing revolutionary about the old-time sound the Black Twig Pickers create but something about the blend between themselves and Gunn makes for what can only be described as the perfect concoction so; turn down the lights, sit back, spark up and get all lost in the banjo-plucking, violin-gliding majesty of Seasonal Hire.This is a certainty for the vinyl collection and an early contender for my album of the year.-Stan Raymonde
#nowplaying the INSANELY good mix Diplo (in Major Lazer mode) whipped up for his BBC Radio 1 series.It features SO MANY jams we’ve never heard before and is worth the price of admission for the cheeky ML remixes of Pharrell, Snoop & Madonna alone. And don’t even get us started on that Bruno Mars remix into the Outkast SpottieOttieTrapaliscious flip!There’s so much going on in the world of Major Lazer at the moment it’s hard to keep up! New album - check, Killer video for one of THE jams of 2015 - check.LAZERS NEVER DIE/SLEEP!
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