Festival Faux-files
With Coachella just gone and Splendour in the Grass being around the corner, We got Theinterns to create a few Facebook faux-files for your typical festival goer stereotypes…THE SHREDDER.THE INDIE MUSO.THE BEARDED BRO.THE FASHION BLOGGER.
Do We Like The New Janelle Monae? Ooooomm...
Been waiting for Ms Monae to deliver a conventional record?Well if you’re anything like us and love her afro-future adventures into intergalactic soul funk… Probably not. So we all had to put our heads together when her first effort for her own label appeared. Booty bumping? Really? Do we love it? Still working that out. It’s Janelle…. But not so much. Sorry x
The Major Lazer Cartoon Is Here!
It has been talked about for a while and it’s finally here!! Major Lazer in cartoon mode *insert multiple air horn blasts here*The animated series tells the story of a superhero named Major Lazer who, with the help of his two teenaged friends, Penny and BLKMRKT, fights against the villains that populate the futuristic dystopia that is Jamaica. A self-proclaimed “Guardian of the Groove,” Major Lazer vows to fight for the rights of the Jamaican people and to bring down the ruthless curmudgeon, President Whitewall. Part of Animation Domination.Check out Ep 1 below and keep it locked to Major Lazer TV for future installments.
Laika Version
We’re not 100% sure if this is what Jesse Davidson was going for with his cover of Childish Gambino’s ‘Sober’ for triple j’s Like a Version…But the dude is smooth. In addition to the Gambino cover, Jesse also turned in a cracking version of current CA fave Laika.
We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program
To bring you another installment of our monthly JAMS playlist via Soundcloud.This month’s edition includes tunes, remixes, features and production from The Kite String Tangle & Dustin Tebbutt, Flume, Ta-Ku, RATATAT, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jones Jnr, Chance The Rapper, Kevin Parker, Kendrick Lamar, Baro, Dej Loaf, De La Soul, Jungle, Chet Faker, HONNE, Mac Miller, Nas, Made In Heights and more. Cop it.
The Wombats - Greetings From The Moon
Wax Volcanic - So tell me, what is your ideal travel destination? The Wombats - Us three playing golf on the moon, hitting balls towards the earth. Glittery golf balls. The flag is situated in Sydney maybe. Or Liverpool or LA. Yeah probably.Murph watched a banana’s refrigerated sweat slide down its left side. Constellations of purled moisture were collecting at its slowly rotating ends. The banana swung on a drunk horizontal axis into the boundless, cosmically irradiated vacuum of space, but not alone. With it rolled mottled spheres of cold-stored apples and stone fruit and chocolate bars pirouetting glacially alongside frozen bread rolls.“Shit.” Open packets of instant coffee followed closely behind, swimming evenly with a small brigade of suspended cleaning products and disposable plates. In the field of the moon’s decelerated gravitational pull and electrostatic repulsion, the spilling contents of the coffee sachets flew in an even, clodded squadron, a slow exhibition flight into pure expanse.  “Shiiiit.” Murph’s arms hung slackly at his sides as Dan Haggis settled shakily beside him.“Landing gear again Murph?” Dan’s smile was visible even through the tint of his polycarbonate visor.“It’s a snack cart. Why does it even have a landing gear?”Dan raised his hands, the astronautical equivalent of a shrug. “Liquid-fuel boosters? Gravitational abnormalities? Grab the tortilla chips.”Murph made slow, sweeping arcs with his arms, catching some of the cart’s slowly escaping chocolate and wheeling packets of crisps. The tips of his fingers sent everything they touched (mostly stone fruit) spiraling at radical new trajectories and velocities into space.The whole holiday had been on the cusp of full-scale tragedy until this morning. Now it was definitely sliding towards light disaster. It was meant to be a working holiday—a chance to roll the summer camp fun of Meatballs into the Galaxian comedy of Spaceballs. It wasn’t working. Dispensing snacks and rudimentary stroke advice on a lunar golf resort was about as far from a teen movie as conceivably possible. Each member of the Wombats had found the amount of youthful abandon present at the nexus point of recreational space travel and amateur golf to be small. Very small.  Actually the only female they’d spotted south of the age of 60 worked in the pro shop and was attempting to privately date one of the resort’s physical therapists—unsuccessfully (the privacy, that is.) Murph stared at the contents of the food cart oozing noiselessly towards the general direction of the earth. All of which was stolen—promoted from the resort’s primary storeroom to their uncoupled snack cart. Tord had gotten the access code, but never said how. So this was their usual evening plan: ditch work, secure a food supply and fire golf balls towards the 18th hole. Known terrestrially as the Grand Canyon. Although rules were recently changed to allow ‘anywhere in LA’ as a permissible hole-in-one. The actual idea is, according to the resort’s digital literature, that you land at the Canyon, post orbital jaunt, and launch balls into a far more colourful and satisfying abyss than the cold regions of space. As Murph and Dan stood hitting balls towards North America, a haze begun to develop, as if the ground were shimmering and raising up in a cloud. It was the moon’s electrostatic repulsion, pushing surface dust up into a dense smog.Dan and Murph galloped slowly around the dysfunctional snack cart. “Jump into the fog!!” cheered Murph, launching himself towards a packet of hovering Oreos.Tord was assisting a 73 year old Ms Argaline with her swing on hole 16 of the resort’s indoor range. He had overheard her talking about “the near end” and something being “all over now anyway” and had spent three solid days trying to embed himself into her will by being a golf-orientated answer to all her unanswered prayers. Her caddies took shifts, drinks leapt into her hand faster than any request could leave her mouth. Tord was, even by the Resort’s masochistic standards, “Quite good.” But Ms Argaline wasn’t dying biologically— it was more a sort of a spiritual slackening. Once a great beauty, Selena Argaline was no longer feeling the “silk thread” of carnal impulse that she claimed to various (now-expired) glossy magazines would “draw her out of bed in the morning by her fingertips and remain woven through the unrolling day.” But, habit-forming as flirtation is, she still tried to slide liquidly around Tord, bat her eyelids and smile coyly. Which—while encased in a 73 kilogram, fully-pressured, heat-impervious  Z1 spacesuit—resembled the daytime movements of a low-functioning drunk. What Tord did manage to glean from the sexually necrotic socialite however, was a working code to the resort’s primary storeroom. Selena Argaline frowned as a small belt of apples and stone fruit floated past the course’s transparent dome, saying nothing. In case it was inspired by her meds and vodka lunch. She liked Tord but thinks she might have led him on too forcefully, even if out of habit alone. After almost every point of advice he’d say: “That’s it Selena, remember, your body is a weapon…” It seemed a little salacious. She made a mental note to dial down the coy smiles and eyelid flutterings. Space helmet or no.Words and additional illustrations by Paul C. Cumming aka Wax VolcanicPostcard illustration by Kelly Walsh
JAY Z Tidal Crash!
Roughly three weeks ago, a plethora of the music industry’s elite took to a press conference to announce the re-launch of the music streaming APP - Tidal. The likes of Rihanna, Kanye, Jay - Z , Madonna and even Taylor Swift, stood before the world’s media and boasted that the service would offer fans (note the use of the word fans and not customers) high - quality  audio and video as well as curated content.The service also promised the media that artists would have more control over their content, selling this “exclusive access” bullshit whilst charging the ‘fans’ $20 a month ($24 in AUD) for the privilege.  It was to herald; in the words of the PR spin masters “a whole new era” in the music industry.  Well… It didn’t.  Numbers released by BGR - a US mobile and technology news website on April 21st, show the APP has fallen out of the top 700 iPhone download charts after only 2 weeks. The crash so glorious it has been dubbed “a spectacular flop”. So what the fuck happened? If we take a look back we can see cracks forming early on. For instance, shortly after the music service went public and all looked hunky dory the CEO Andy Chen was let go. The following reason was given by a Tidal rep; Tonstad (the new guy and formerly a consultant for the Norwegian Ministry of Environment WTF???) has a better understanding of the industry and a clear vision for how the company is looking to change the status quo,“ Whatever that means.But even before they “parted ways” with boss man, and gave this irritatingly ambiguous statement, something very unfortunate happened to the brand. Its marketing strategy turned around and bit it in the arse! And spectacularly too. I’m just speculating now but this may have also led to Chen’s departure? According to BGR Tidal’s attack on its competitors Pandora and Spotify apparently raised the public awareness of their streaming services boosting their download performance, in particular Spotify’s who rocketed up the iPad download chart to number 40, something not seen since November 2014. This all curiously happened after the media launch of Tidal on 31st March 2015. Ooops.Since then Tidal has dwindled. When they originally launched they were positioned number 20 on the download charts, and in just two short weeks, they were forced out of contention and fell out of the top 700.Poor Tidal, it looks like they had it against them from the beginning, what with trying to compete against popular apps in an already highly competitive market backfiring and all. I’m no expert, but that sounds like an obvious marketing 101 rule to me. Anyway, now it’s up to the new CEO to reposition the brand so people don’t associate it with over protective multimillionaires who appear to be using the APP to promote their own agendas. And whilst they’re working on that, maybe they should also reconsider their business strategy, you know, get customers for themselves, rather than getting them for their competitors. Just a thought.-Bise
TKST and Dustin Tebbutt Illuminate!
Don’t look now, but “a beautiful blossom of bromance” has formed between two of Australia’s fastest rising stars; Danny Harley aka The Kite String Tangle and Dustin Tebbutt and after hearing the first musical fruit of said bromance, Illuminate it’s clear that these guys were meant to be together.The bro’s themselves recently broke down how the collaboration came to be: TKST - “Dustin and I decided to work on a track together because for quite some time we’d had a mutual respect for each others music and had been to each others shows. It was a really natural process and that’s been one of the most enjoyable things about this project; nothing felt forced and everything just came together. Dustin came to my little studio set up in Brisbane while he was on tour then I flew down to Sydney to finalize and mix the track in his studio space”.DT - “I originally wanted to work with Danny after hearing a radio interview he did. It was something in the tone of the conversation, and particularly the way he spoke about his approach to music. We went into the collab with no expectations at all. He had this great bed of synths and ambience sussed out, and from there; the vocal parts just seemed to flow. Danny was so easy to work with, and I felt like we naturally met halfway creatively throughout the process.”We’re extra excited about the whole thing around these parts because we’re the lucky buggers who get to present Danny & Dustin’s co-headline east coast tour in late June and we’ll be the ones releasing the limited edition 10″ vinyl EP of Illuminate as part of our Cool Accidents Singles Club.Here are the show details below, and stay tuned for more exclusive content in the coming months!Cool Accidents PresentsTHE KITE STRING TANGLE & DUSTIN TEBBUTTwith special guest JoySat 20 June - Brisbane - The Triffidwww.oztix.com.au  1300 762 545Thur 25 June - Sydney - The Metrowww.ticketek.com.au  1300 795 012Fri 26 June - Melbourne - 170 Russellwww.170russell.com  1300 724 867
Is It All Over My Face?
For the second year in a row Natalie Sharp has taken supporting Record Store Day to the next level. Following on from last year’s effort, the London based award winning skin decorator has again painstakingly painted a bunch of iconic album covers all over her face.This year saw her recreate classics from Nirvana, King Crimson, The Human League, Aphex Twin, Mike Oldfield and more. Check out a few of our faves below and head over to Natalie’s site for the full facial.
Choice Cuts
Feature track
That's it! Try opening your own PSD now.
Feature video
Craft with Kit (Ep 3) starring SKATERS