A Change Of Cosmic Address
Sadly we find ourselves penning another death piece… But then, Edgar Froese (founder of Tangerine Dream and The Ones) had a slightly different point of view on death which sort of fitted with the mood of all of Tangerine Dream’s music. “There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.” It’s fair to say that there is a good reason why most of Tangerine Dream’s music can be found in the bargain bins of various record stores. Frankly, that’s where it belongs. Even some esoteric pieces like Pinnacles (a solo effort) are poor efforts at being E2-E4 if you take time out to make the effort to imagine them as such. Tangerine Dream mostly perpetrated a rather flatulent, new age inflected, prog rock. But it wasn’t always thus, and therefore we should give praise to their first album and its extremely advanced use of cut ups. Its punk rock cover tells you what it was about (initial copies included a balloon as the puppet’s heart), as does the crazed axe work of the brilliant 22 minute epic Journey Through A Burning Brain This is the best of Krautrock, and the most punk rock of psychedelic music- truly “free, electronic rock”. And also praise for the brilliant throbbing craziness of Zeit and the superb 2 part single produced at roughly the same time called Ultima Thule Again this is a world full of angry bubbling synths and frantic punk rock riffing. Truly inspiring music and the most uneasy of listening. These two albums (along with Atem and Alpha Cetauri) were all recorded for Berlin based independent Ohr (Ear) Records which was run by the incredible  Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser (for more details I highly recommend Julian Cope’s wonderful Krautrock book). They are truly the consummate masterpieces of Space Rock before it lost its edge. This was the vision of art and music combined that the commune like Zodiak Free Arts Lab had sought after and was achieved by pioneering and amazing tape looping, cut ups and home made instruments that long pre-dated developments like the sequencer. The musicians were heavily influenced by surrealism, and it feels that way. Most people think Tangerine Dream started with the (to modern ears) rather wishy washy synth waves of Phaedra (the first record to chart in the UK) but to me it ended there. Which is not to undermine the recently departed Edgar Froese at all, but to reflect that great music has many faces, and that different sounds find many different ears. It was just the music stretched out, becoming mystical and sensual, but losing the edge that made it so special. Go back and listen to those first 4 albums. And listen to music that blows away all preconceptions. -TH
Uptown Boogie
Mark Ronson & BRUNO MARS' (are we the only ones that noticed triple j failed to mention Bruno when playing the track as part of their recent Hottest 100 countdown? C'mon guys, he only wrote, sang and played drums on the damn thing!) jam Uptown Funk gets given the 80's roller disco treatment and it is a seriously good time. Don’t believe me? Just w̶a̶t̶c̶h̶ listen: Bonus beat: Bruno ain’t the only one that’s all about the funk.
A Hot & Heavy 100
Maybe I’m still coming down from Unify The Gathering or slowly getting amped for Soundwave, or it may be more likely the Dutch optimism that came with my 2nd six pack of Melbourne Tinnies, but it feels like the Hottest 100 actually got kinda heavy for a bit there. Now, let’s not go poppin champagne just yet, It doesn’t look like we’re going to hear anything from Against Me’s brilliant Transgender Dysmorphia Blues or The Ghost Inside’s excellent Dear Youth and I’ve already given up on hearing anything from the fine return to form via Slipknot’s The Grey Chapter, and a sad part of me knew we wouldn’t be getting any entrants from In Hearts Wake’s fucking masterful Earthwalker. Honestly, if nothing could chart from Northlane’s really fucking epic Singularity in 2013 then Aus based music stood little chance. HOWEVER, now that quick gripe is past, let’s look at some really fucking excellent heavy-ish music that made the list; and why it definitely deserved to do better but we’ll take what we’ve got thank you very much. #88. DZ Deathrays – Gina Works At Hearts This was one of the best hard rock singles (guys, where the fuck is Royal Blood?) in a year when the combined force of Dave Grohl and Nickelback further attempted to dilute rock music. This record stood up as the resounding finger in the face of a LOT of mediocre guitar music that thankfully didn’t make the chart. Well, almost. #84. Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing Joke LOL. Whoever voted for this, high five your face with a ceramic plate. Look Dave, you took the opening section of The Pretender, matched it with the guitar line from QOTSA’s Everybody Knows You’re Insane and then just straight up nicked DIO’s Holy Diver. No video. Only the below picture as a reminder this guy is with the rock gods above and THEY FUCKING KNOW WHAT YOU DID. #80. Rise Against – I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore Look, it’s not Prayer Of The Refugee but I’ve come to terms with the fact the mid 2000’s are over and I’m never going to see that Thrice, Thursday and Rise Against tour I’ve dreamt of since puberty. However, I couldn’t be happier that Rise Against are still kicking and making relevant rock music (cc’d D.Grohl@fuckfighters.com) after 15 odd years. Oh lord I miss Thursday. We’re going to listen to Thursday in remembrance for those who have fallen this year. Also to those who deserved to fall. Fuck this guy and DEFINITELY this guy. #79. Jack White – Lazaretto Ok, so this one just slips in here, as we are talking heavy-ish guitar music. But to be exceptionally frank, this wasn’t Jack’s best song on the record. It’s the one where he doesn’t use his mouth cause his mouth only does crazy talk these days the instrumental, Highball Stepper, which kinda just proves that Jack may be an insane person, but, by fuck can he play guitar.    #71. The Amity Affliction – The Weigh Down I’ll actually rant a little more on TAA down the line. However I totally appreciate this vid and the chuckles this band’s mgmt. must have had reading the video treatment, especially the part that read “set band on fire” #69. The Smith Street Band – Surrender One day I will tell my future children about that time I saw Will Wagner play solo in an off Brunswick street bar in front of 12 people and I bought him a beer and then they will lose their shit in like I did when my dad said he high fived Bon Scott once. But serious talk, this is a punk band, an Australian punk band with political backbone and praise for this band is SO FUCKING OVERDUE. Interestingly this is their Hottest 100 debut, which is only interesting because they also wrote this song, this song oh and also this fucking masterpiece and only just made the Hot 100? Shame on you ‘straya. #68. Bring Me The Horizon – Drown Like it or not, BMTH are the consistent herald of the ever evolving heavy music landscape. Whilst Olly & Co aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, it can’t be denied that they are the reigning forbearers for the next round of heavy albums and tracks to come. Don’t believe me? Well, check it out for yourself. #64. The Amity Affliction – Don’t Lean On Me Man! More Amity and it’s not even their last appearance? Hell fuck yeah. #22. Amity Affliction – Pittsburgh I think this deserves a throwback to Unify The Gathering, or potentially further back to the Australian tour of TAA, Architects, Stray From The Path, Issues and Hand Of Mercy. A run of sold out shows which saw anywhere between 3 and 5 thousand kids collectively lose their shit (fast forward to 4:26 to see aforementioned shit being collectively lost)  in the wake of the staggering success of Let The Ocean Take Me. You combine that with an ARIA #1 and a platinum selling record and damn, just fucking chill TAA. Take a breather yeah? -Matty W
I Wish My Breakups Felt Like Vulnicura…
I don’t know if that’s actually a good thing to admit… personally wishing I had my heart shattered into irreparable pieces from a love gone wrong. However, listening to Björk’s new album Vulnicura I feel as though I’ve missed out on a poignant life experience. My break ups have always been one sided, usually my side, and each time I’ve managed to walk away relatively unscathed. Post break up I’ve never found the need to cradle a bottle of wine and sob my way through the lyrics of  I Will Survive or Burn by Usher,  (although one of my ex-boyfriends had stated , mid argument, that that would be his post breakup anthem of choice – was I meant to be moved by the gesture?) . Björk’s album makes me feel like I have gone a decade of relationship failures without genuinely bearing the emotional scars. Vulnicura kind of makes me wish that Björk’s pain was my pain and that Björk’s words were my words. The shitty misery of her separation from partner Matthew Barney is visceral throughout the entire album. Take for example, track 10, Black Lake, ( Björk’s ten-minute polemic on the relationship) which literally has a heartbeat. As Björk takes jabs at the domestic union that once was, interjections of  arrhythmic thumps can be felt underneath some of the albums most honest  lyrics “My soul  “boom boom …boom  “torn apart …”boom boom …..boom boom ..boom  “ my spirit”  boom boom …boom ….boom  “ is broken”  boom boom …boom … Each track on Björk’s ninth studio album is as heartbreaking as the one that precedes it. Lionsong makes me want to take her aside, tell her she is in a  ”safe space” and engage in a 24 hour D&M . Family has her demanding respect - from what the lyrics suggest - the sanctity of a happy family. In recent interviews, Björk has teared up, becoming too distraught to discuss the nature of these songs, because the pain of it is still visibly unbearable.  Listening to the album in its entirety, you can appreciate why.   Overall Vulnicura is a collection in song, of the stuff you wish you said to your ex if you’d had your heat ripped from your chest. Or, in my case what I probably should have felt as I handed my ex-boyfriend of 3 years, his personal belongings in a garbage bag. -Bise A Björk’s Vulnicura is available now where all great break-up albums are sold.
All The Emotions
Finally, there’s a website that tells you if a band is emo or not… Created by the Washed Up Emo folks, you simply enter a band’s name into the site and if they’re in the database you’ll get served up an answer as well as an often humorous tidbit to go along with it. We had a quick play around and stumbled upon some great ones including Joy Division, Gwar, Nickelback, The Smiths, My Chemical Romance, Paramore & Drake. What are you waiting for? Find out more at IS THIS BAND EMO?
The Medics Want You To...
For many of us, Australia Day is nothing more than a bonus– a cheeky sequel to the Christmas and New Year’s festivities that allows us to squeeze one more party into the height of our summer. For many of us, the roots of the day don’t even cross our minds - let alone how those roots could be perceived when viewed through the eyes of the original owners of this country, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This January 26th, The Medics release ‘Wake Up’ to let you know where they stand on the issue. It’s a beautiful song and, beyond that, it’s food for thought – do yourself a favour and wrap your ears around it: We caught up with Kahl Wallis, singer/songwriter from The Medics and Blue King Brown’s Carlo Santos (who produced the track) to discuss art, politics and the mysterious world of 432hz…. What political issues are important to you as artists?  Carlo Santos:  I think it’s easy to frame conscious artists as political artists, speaking for myself, what we actually are, are freedom fighters, justice seekers, truth tellers and the key issue is the elevation of our minds to reach a place where compassion, community and humanity and connection to life and the planet as one are the priorities above money, greed, destruction, violence and corporate rule. Kahl Wallis:  Yeah I agree with you Carlo, as a young musician learning about the continuation of the struggle of human rights like genocide, hunger, health and women’s rights has been huge.  As a band we are also really passionate about environmental issues that affect land and sea.  So much damage is being done through coal seam gas mining, pollution, overfishing by super trawlers, whaling, poaching and shark finning and the general disrespect for the Great Barrier Reef makes us angry.  Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island land rights are REALLY important. Deaths in custody, youth suicide affect us to the core What role does art & music play in politics in Australia?  Kahl Wallis:  Art and music provide a large platform to raise awareness of political issues and as Carlo mentioned, you can reach a wide audience with what is important to us creative artists. Carlo Santos: Through the art forms we are able to express freely, in that space politics can’t rule us or control us, they can try, but it doesn’t work. Therefore through artistic mediums we can change the vibration, tap in to people’s emotions and minds in a different way to what is force fed by corporate politicians. We are beings that react to frequency and sound, what better way than to send a positive message via music, which is such a powerful vibration! The people know this, that’s why they go to gigs! They are seeking elevation! Visual Art affects us in a similar way, it taps into a part of our mind that is craving creative stimulation. What artists (past and present) have influenced your music and/or politics?  Carlo Santos: Miles Davis changed my whole perception of music - he blew the doors right open - amongst other records of his, albums like Bitches Brew & In a Silent way are true mastery. Bob Marley tapped into my soul and showed me that music can be one of the most effective ways to unite. Kahl Wallis: Aboriginal music history in Australia – artists like Bunna Lawrie (Coloured Stone), Yothu Yindi, Warumpi Band and Vic Simms were important to all the community and helped raise awareness of Aboriginal rights and in our people being “seen and heard” by mainstream Australia.  Like Carlo, Bob Marley but also also Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Rage Against the Machine were early influences as to the power of meaningful music and lyrics to influence change and get a message heard. What do you hope that songs like WAKE UP can achieve?  Kahl Wallis:  For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this country Australia Day is not a day of celebration; it is a day of mourning. As the country gathers together they commemorate colonization. The 26 January is a day of sadness, grief, and most importantly of remembrance. It is a sacred day for our people to pay respect to those we lost and to support our brothers and sisters who continue to suffer now. The time has come for us as a country to WAKE UP to our history, change the date and start to heal the country. Carlo Santos: To me, Wake Up is an impassioned cry out to look outside the box of mainstream society and see that there is a new future available to us, and to not wait around for someone to create that reality. To be that reality. Original nations of this land (known as Australia) hold a knowledge and connection to country that is far deeper than what mainstream society would have us believe. I hope that the song can steer people in the direction of acknowledging that, supporting that, and also seeking that connection for themselves by learning and engaging more with original nations. With that connection, the illusion of the system we live in will continue to reveal it’s seriously flawed self. Wake UP is an epic track, and is a prime example of living a life without being controlled. That the track is being dropped on survival day, 26th Jan, draws much needed attention to the reality that it’s time Australia acknowledges the severe insensitivity of celebrating ‘Australia’ the way it does, on that particular day. We need a more inclusive and aware society if we are really to move forward together.  #WAKEUP Why did The Medics choose to record Wake Up at 432hz ? Kahl Wallis : We felt it was time to create music that is harmoniously tuned to the universe & spirit. Alignment of music, colour & sound, inviting the listener into a deeper connection with the song. Taking the music experience to another level of consciousness & awakening. As creative & conduits of song “Wake Up” has inspired us & opened our hearts to unseen possibilities with our music. Here’s why you should convert your music to 432hz Carlo Santos:  Yeah, that link above explains things. especially to someone who is not a musician.  I was happy when Kahl said he wanted to record at 432hz, and that everyone was instantly willing.  Its the first recording I’ve actively done at that frequency and just adds more realness & truthful intention to the song. If you’re keen to read more, check out New Matilda
January Jams
IN NEED OF SOME NEW JAMS? Well look no further than our January Jams playlist! It’s loaded with a bunch of tunes we’ve had on high rotation throughout the early part of 2015 and features a whole heap of legends… Raury | Hermitude | Mark Ronson | Charli XCX | Django Django | Ghost Culture | Coucheron | Snakehips | Lupe Fiasco | Kwabs | Toro y Moi |Twin Shadow | japanese wallpaper and more!You’re welcome.
5 Times Kwabs Was Winning At Life
Haven’t heard of Kwabs? Well let us help you get acquainted with a musician who has been named ‘Artist to Watch’ by NME, The Guardian and BBC Radio as well as garnered praise from the likes of Jessie Ware, India Arie, Emeli Sandé, Joss Stone and Plan B, AND has also had the pleasure of working with name producers including Sohn and Dave "the Invisible" Okumu. With his new single Walk out now, we thought it was the perfect time to make a list of 5 times Kwabs was straight up winning at life. 1. Kwabs first caught the attention of the internet when he did a bunch of covers on YouTube including this little gem, a cover of James Blake’s “The Wilhelm Scream”. We might be a little biased but we’d like to paraphrase Childish Gambino and say this to James Blake “Don’t be mad coz Kwabs is doin’ you better than you doin’ you”. 2. If you can somehow take Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ and make it soulful as all hell with nothing but an acoustic guitar and some backup singers then you have got some serious skills. 3. Ever seen someone perform an acoustic session in an emptied out pool? No well Kwabs has. The video below shows Kwabs belting out his new single ‘Walk’ and if the song wasn’t cool enough this setting certainly adds to it. 4. In this vid for BBC Radio Xtra1, Kwabs gives his ridiculously silky smooth soul vocals a workout on his track ‘Pray For Love’. Just take it all in and be jealous, that’s all you can do. 5. Watch as Kwabs performs whilst also showing you around his house!!! OK so he’s not doing both at the same time because that would be very confusing and a little counterproductive BUT you can get a little glimpse into how he gets super creative on his walls at home. As if all this wasn’t enough, he also happens to be a Grandmaster of working with 140 characters as showcased by his Twitter account. Check it out for a whole heap of sincere and hilarious tweets… even his bio is brilliant: “I sing. I am brown. I have a slightly wonky face. I like soup. I have verbal diarrhea-ed through this bio. “ -Courtney W
We Knew She Was Trouble When She Walked In.
Unless you’ve been living under a large rock you’d be well aware of the fact that a bunch of people are getting their knickers in a twist about the possibility of Taylor Swift landing a spot in triple j’s hottest 100. Click-bait experts Buzzfeed started a #Tay4Hottest100 campaign wherein they encouraged people to vote for Tay-Tay’s earworm Shake It Off and the internet responded both positively and negatively causing the whole thing to go viral. We weren’t too fussed about the whole thing until recently, when we read a piece on the Music Feeds website.They’d caught up with a dude by the name of Michael George, who has tallied 20,000 votes using social media and delivered up a spoiler filled list of their hottest 100 predictions. You can read the entire piece HERE, but it was the little extract below that caught our attention: Music Feeds: If Swift does make it into the count, can you predict who might just miss placing in the top 100? Michael George: By our count it would be Between Friends by Japanese Wallpaper. Now as much as we love us a bit of T-Swift, her bumping out a killer combo of up and coming Aussie wunderkinds? Well that’s just not cricket. Instead of getting all up in arms about it, Japanese Wallpaper responded brilliantly by taking the ‘sick beat’ of Between Friends and dropping Taylor’s Shake It Off acapella over the top and the result is actually all kinds of amazing and a serious slice of mainstream meets indie POP PERFECTION. Check it out below and if you’re yet to hear it in its original form with CA fave Jesse Davidson DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT… you know the deal.
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Action Bronson - Actin Crazy (Prod. By 40 and Omen)
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