Beyond Rare
We can’t get enough of this tune at the moment - And it turns out we’re not alone, as more than a few crate diggers are talking about/frothing at the mouth over this rare Brazilian classic from the 70s. It’s got the winning combination of beautiful psychedelia coupled with breaks, and there’s something of a Gainsbourg groove about it – but with added Drama. Head HERE to hear about finding music that no one would find without Dave Buttle aka Mr. Bongo. Vinyl history. And added LOVE. -TH
Ones To Watch - Tom Misch
We’re suckers for tropical/Caribbean vibes here at Cool Accidents so our ears pricked up pretty quickly when we heard the opening bars to Tom Misch’s Memory on a recent Soundcloud expedition Although the track deviates and builds after the initial intro, 5 minutes 40 seconds later and we were sold. After a quick dig around the net for info we found out Tom is a 19 year old bedroom composer/guitarist/singer/violinist/wunderkind from London…   It’s early stages at the moment but the video below offers a nice little insight into Tom, as he talks about the reason he makes music, why he started his own label and his influences including the late great J Dilla Based on what we’ve heard so far by way of Tom’s Soundcloud and after getting to know him a bit through the vid above, it seems like all the puzzle pieces are in place and we look forward to hearing what’s next. Bonus beat - The Dilla influence comes shining through on this feel good flip of Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip’s Ill Vibe
TGIF with Thelma Plum
Thank God for Fridays eh? and while we’re at it thank God for Thelma Plum. It’s fair to say we’re a little bit in love with the Brisbane Sydney Melbourne based singer-songwriter and her sophisticated, unmistakeably Australian style of indie pop. Thelma recently released the Monsters EP that features the killer spaghetti western by way of the Bronx Jam, How Much Does Your Love Cost? Which is the best kind of ear worm. We caught up with Miss Plum this week and asked if she’d hit us with her ‘TGIF and the weekend has landed’ jams, not only did she come through with a killer selection that you can stream below, she also gave us a little quip about each tune and why it made the cut.  "Chamakay" - Blood OrangeBasically anything Blood Orange will work for a Friday but this is the song if you wanna get your boogie on. "Too Young" - Phoenix This song reminds me of bad Jack Black dance moves which happen to be quite similar to mine.  "Homecoming" - The TeenagersThis is a bit of a naughty one. "Teenage Crime" - Adrian LuxMy best friend and I used to sing and dance to this so much in our rooms. This was literally all we did all the time. Dance to this. In her room.  "Roll up Your Sleeves" - Meg Mac As soon as I get home from a busy day I throw this song on and dance around in my undies in front of the mirror like a big weirdo and remember that everything is gonna be alriiiiiiight.  "Roses" - OutkastI know every single lyric to this song, even the rap at the end. Hehe. "The Suburbs" - Mr Little JeansI love Arcade Fire so much, but this version makes me wanna paint my face and dance around in a warehouse with glow sticks around my neck. "Australia Street" - Sticky FingersI used to live just off Australia Street in Newtown and all of my favourite places in Newtown are mentioned in this song which makes me happy and ready to get wild.  "Crave You" - Flight Facilities SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD.  "Ignition (Remix)" - R.Kelly Put this song on at a party and everyone will want to know you. You da king of the party now. Thelma Plum’s Monsters EP is out now and can be grabbed where all good records are sold/streamed.
Cosmic Country
It was pretty clear from the first time we came across this record that it wasn’t going to be your run of the mill country album, or your normal Americana joint. After all the Ray Charles referencing title “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music” kind of gives you a clue that Sturgill Simpson was about something a bit different. Then when you listen to the first track “Turtles All the Way Down” (another clue in the title) it’s pretty plain Sturgill isn’t in Tim McGraw business - “I’ve seen Jesus play with flames in a lake of fire that I was standing in  Met the devil in Seattle and spent 9 months inside the lion’s den  Met Buddha yet another time and he showed me a glowing light within  But I swear that God is there every time I glare in the eyes of my best friend” Dip a little deeper and there’s another clue: “Marijuana, LSD, psilocybin, and DMT they all changed the way I see but love’s the only thing that ever saved my life”  Suddenly the fuzz psych guitars of track 9 It Ain’t All Flowers makes sense, and so does the tie dye inner sleeve art. Sturgill is one of those Cosmic Cowboys – metaphysical wanderers on the prairies – that we love so much. Here he is on his influences: “I’d say “a culmination of a few breakthroughs in modern physics, coupled with a few philosophical or theological texts or books I’ve read throughout the years, a couple personal experiences with some pretty non-recreational psychedelics, and the symbiotic relationship between them all.” We would say it hadn’t been that great a year for new music. There have been bits though, if you are prepared to dig. Dig deep here. Sturgill Simpson has already. -TH
Ones To Watch - Ibeyi
This is moving us all right now - Ibeyi = Twins from France and Cuba, who sing in English and the ancient Yoruba language. And judging by this they’re great live too - More soon please. -TH
From Russia with Love, Rockets, Riffs & Bomb Threats
So, other than my job of helping bring music to the masses, I have a hobby of bringing music to the masses. Part of that sacred yet somewhat bent chalice is time spent managing (kind of) metal band Karnivool, who have a small but dedicated fan base around the world. Playing the sort of technical rifferama that the band deals out means that they do quite well in some unusual parts of the world, and I was just lucky enough to tag along for part of a tour where they played festivals and gigs in Germany, Finland, Austria, the UK, Romania, Bratislava, Turkey and amongst other places…. Russia. That’s right, Russia. Now when we got the Russian offer we were pretty stoked and it actually made logistical sense – the band were playing in Finland beforehand, so it was a drive over the top of Finland and down through St Petersburg to Moscow. We even picked up offers of some small Arena shows in southern Russia on the way into their next play in Hungary, so it was all looking good. Then shit got real, Putin got possessive and our bus company decided that driving through Crimea or eastern Ukraine was a bad idea, particularly when rebels were taking over airports and blockading roads. A quick lesson on geography and Google maps confirmed that totally screwed our routing (Ukraine is a big place, who knew!) so we lost some shows and booked some flights to make it happen. I’m going to skim over the ins and outs of our travels, other than saying that my personal journey involved being held aside in a room by Russian customs for some time (along with a Russian woman with 2 children and 3 gold teeth who wanted to use my phone!) due to a visa typo, as well as being hassled by the most aggressive touts I’ve ever seen while waiting an hour and a half in order to share a cab with a Russian family. Lots more to add to that – but let’s keep to the gig. It was a 3 day festival held in a park built by Stalin to celebrate all things that are good and Russian and revolutionary, so the site was a trip. More on that later. The festival also starred such artists as Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy, Die Antwoord and on the day my kids were playing Mastodon and The Deftones. So you know, pretty easy listening. It would take me a very long time to tell the story of the whole trip – but I’m going to dwell on lets say, 3 things that happened at this festival that I have never experienced anywhere in the world, and believe me I’ve seen some festivals! Lets get the first and most noticeable one out of the way. It had a frickin rocket. With a bar under it. Most festivals have some sort of dodgem cars or shitty fairground ride. Not this. The park had a life sized, take me to the moon, Soyuz number whatever rocket, out just to the left of front of house, complete with launching platform. Hard to miss when you walk out onto the stage, and somewhat disconcerting when nobody has mentioned it. It really dwarfed the passenger jet in full revolutionary regalia that was next to it, some of the band didn’t even notice that!  Not to leave the rocket underutilised the promoters had built a grandstand under it with the VIP bar and viewing area – so we went there, had shots of Vodka (believe it or not, Russian Standard Vodka does indeed seem to be the Russian standard…) under the stage 1 engines and watched Mastodon and all was well with the world. Second – also a first for myself and the band– it had bomb threats. Yes, real ones, well real enough for the police to roll in on Friday, close down the show and search the site – causing not a little carnage and from photos I saw a near riot. Why the bomb threats you ask? Well the answer of course is that Marilyn Manson was playing on Friday, and as much as the rest of the world stop caring about the “shocking” antics of Brian a long time ago the Russian religious extremists viewed him as a threat to public well being. Of course the way I found out about this was waking up hungover in a Moscow hotel room and jumping online and seeing the story linked by a bunch of Australian websites. Took me a minute to work out the festival talked about in the story was actually the one my lads were playing. Oh well, off to see Red Square then…. Bomb threats have cancelled our show in Moscow, just as we were about to perform. — Marilyn Manson (@marilynmanson) June 27, 2014 note the missed opportunity for a rocket in shot! The thing that really confused me about this whole exercise was – had none of the aforementioned extremists bothered Googling Die Antwoord? Cause if they found our mate Brian upsetting then trawling through some of our South Africans friends content on YouTube would have made them shit the bed. Following on from that – lets talk about security. Not just avoiding bombs, but crowd control, and the task of keeping those nasty Manson fans under control. We are all used to fluro shirted burly blokes controlling the pit, and occasionally delivering a clip under the ear to those that need a little more convincing. Well, in Moscow, there seemed to be three levels of security. Firstly, dudes in full uniform and massive peaked caps that looked incredibly formal and seemed to have no idea about anything they were asked, in Russian, English or anything else. Then – there were the footsoldiers, who manned the pit and every entrance as well as backstage security. Refreshingly, all of the regular security were dressed in what seemed to be standard issue drab brown suits complete with earpiece. They were also all about 7 foot tall with piercing blue eyes and lets be honest – they scared the shit out of me. They all looked like they could snap me in two and they have killed before and they will again,  but damn they looked good dealing with crowdsurfers in those suits haha. The last line of defense seemed to be – and I am drawing a long bow here – special forces troops. All through the crowd and backstage were large gentleman in blue camouflage outfits who looked like they could perhaps sort out our brown suited friends, no problem. They were a bit disconcerting to be honest, I’m not used to a military presence at festivals (and I’m from Perth haha!) but perhaps given the bomb threats and the general feeling that if shit goes wrong in Russia – it really goes fucking wrong, it wasn’t bad to have them there. Plus the band attempted to ply them with beer post show and said they seemed to be good blokes, although thankfully I had left by then as I am sure the site of some good meaning Aussie dudes trying to get Spetnaz troops drunk on free Heineken would have given me a coronary. Anyway – there’s a small taste of our Russian adventure. Actually there was one more thing that a Russian Festival had that we haven’t seen at a festival here in a long time. Wolfmother. A footnote as well if I may. We met so many people in Moscow who were so awesome, and we were so excited to be there, and the crowd was amazing and sang along in their thousands and waited for hours to get things signed and it was a truly amazing experience. Then we got up the next morning hungover as all hell (or still drunk for some!) and got on a budget airline and flew to Hungary. Over the Ukraine. Which looks like a bit of a silly decision now. But be that as it may – people all over the world are good people, and music brings them together, and can we please all stop doing horrible shit to each other? It’s a total bummer – no matter where and how it happens in the world. -HB
All Aboard The Kite String Tangle's Feel-Train
We’ve made no secret around these parts about our love for Danny Harley aka The Kite String Tangle. And his tunes, although few and far between at this early stage of his career have been constant staples in every playlist we’ve put together since hearing Given The Chance last year. But what does the man himself put in his playlists? We saw he’d compiled a list of his favourites recently, so we hit him up to give us the skinny on the selection - "This playlist contains songs that are good. Simple. The inspiration behind the playlist was songs that had affected me enough to re-visit them regularly which is the case with all of these songs. Whether it be the lyrics or the production or the time that I first heard it…they are all awesome to me in some way. I hope that their greatness transcends my own experiences and will bring a roller coaster of feels (let’s call it the feel-train) to the listener.   WARNING: life may appear to be in slow motion while listening to this playlist.” Stream it via the player below or click HERE to open it through Spotify on your desktop. Whilst we’re on the topic of good songs it would be remiss of us not to plug The Kite String Tangle’s own Vessel EP which is loaded with 6 of its own. It drops in Australia & NZ on August 8 and the rest of the world will get it on August 12 so mark the date on your calendars or better yet lock in a pre-order and be rewarded with Arcadia (a tune that’s worth the price of admission alone) instantly.
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'George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed By Beetles' Has there ever been a better case of irony? via LA Times
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