The 15 Best Kehlani Collaborations, Ranked

  • The 15 Best Kehlani Collaborations, Ranked

    Kehlani & Justin Bieber
    Kehlani and Justin Bieber. Press Pic Supplied.

    If there's one thing we can be certain of it's that Kehlani has range and versatility. Her voice is both immediately recognisable and universal, elevating any beat that she steps on. Over her career, she's had pop, rap, R&B, and dance collabs, fitting into any genre seamlessly. In celebration of her new collaboration with Justin Bieber, Up At Night, we're counting down the best collabs she's ever delivered.

    15. Saweetie - ICY GIRL (Remix Feat. Kehlani)

    When ICY GIRL went viral, Kehlani hopped on the remix with an opening rap verse that dropped jaws. Her first rap verse ever was a winner with Kehlani sounding like she's having the most fun she's had in her life. "Hey check me out, I'm not even a fucking rapper," she raps as her final line. Legendary.

    14. Charlie Puth - Done For Me (Feat. Kehlani)

    PopLani always comes through and she absolutely delivered on her collaboration with Charlie Puth. Done For Me is a slick slice of '80s pop that Kehlani's voice melts into like butter.

    13. Disclosure - Birthday (Feat. Syd & Kehlani)

    Syd and Kehlani are a perfect match but it was always going to be interesting to hear what Kehlani was going to do with a garage beat. Turns out she's as versatile as we first thought. She brings an R&B flow that weaves in and out of the two-step beat.

    12. Hayley Kiyoko - What I Need (Feat. Kehlani)

    As we've said, we love a PopLani moment and this is a huge one. What I Need became the biggest song off Kiyoko's Expectations record with Kehlani delivering a verse and hook that's thick with melody. It immediately smacks you in the feels.

    11. Kehlani - RPG (Feat. 6lack)

    Kehlani delivered some of her best work to date on her mixtape While We Wait. She teamed up with 6lack for RPG, an understated R&B jam that really hits you in the gut. Her work in the verses shows just how good she is at taking a beat and elevating it to something breathtaking.

    10. Teyana Taylor & Kehlani - Morning

    Taylor and Kehlani are two of the best voices in the biz and they flexed hard on Morning. It's a racy bedroom anthem that's sweltering from start to finish. Taylor's verse is tender and sexually charged before Kehlani comes through with one of her most explicit verses yet.

    9. Kehlani - The Way (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

    Kehlani and Chance The Rapper were only just budding when they released The Way. It instantly introduced us to both their strengths - Kehlani's ability to play with the tempo of a melody and Chance's instant charisma. A R&B classic, tbh.

    8. Calvin Harris - Faking It (Feat. Kehlani & Lil Yachty)

    "Pray to God but I'm feeling like he's going deaf," Kehlani sings at the beginning of her Calvin Harris collab before the beat switches up. It somehow manages to be both heartbreaking and liberating with Kehlani's emotionally dense delivery juxtaposed by Lil Yachty's colourful, nostalgic verse.

    7. Kehlani - Footsteps (Feat. Musiq Child)

    There was an element of patience to Kehlani's mixtape While We Wait and it wasn't just in the title. Footsteps starts literally with the word "patience" and Kehlani takes her time weaving through this rich beat. Musiq Child is the perfect companion here - one of the most effortlessly soulful voices around.

    6. Kehlani - Up At Night (Feat. Justin Bieber)

    Kehlani and Justin Bieber have become unlikely musical companions. Up At Night is their second collaboration following Get Me and it's also their best. Over a distinctly West Coast beat, the pair flex vocally, not forcing a thing. Both of them lay back in the beat and allow their natural vocal charisma to shine through.

    5. KYLE - Playinwitme (Feat. Kehlani)

    It's hard to pack personality into a verse if it just doesn't come to you naturally. Thankfully, both KYLE and Kehlani effortlessly prompt smiles when they're on their game. Playinwitme is just stacks of fun from start to finish thanks to lines like, "I need you to tell me, baby/What you want just like the Spice Girls."

    4. Kehlani - Down For You (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

    You already knew this was going to be a fire collab from the minute Kehlani and BJ harmonise together in the intro. It's a top-tier R&B song with one of the finest bridges around. BJ just sounds so good on this beat, sounding heavenly when backed by Kehlani.

    3. Cardi B - Ring (Feat. Kehlani)

    Cardi and Kehlani were fangirling over each other long before Ring arrived so it made sense that Kehlani appeared on the Invasion Of Privacy tracklist. The collab delivered, adding a different dimension to the LP with one of Cardi's tenderest moment. Kehlani's hook is still hitting all those years later and that bridge still smacks right in the feels.

    2. Kehlani - Grieving (Feat. James Blake)

    Usually, artists reach out to either Kehlani or James Blake when they want to break hearts on their own songs. So what happens when they pair together? It literally shatters hearts. Grieving pinpoints in stunning detail the end of a relationship. It's lonely and full of despair with both Blake and Kehlani not letting up for a minute. The whole listening experience is spiritual.

    1. Kehlani - Nights Like This (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

    Anybody could've told you before it happened that a Kehlani and Ty collab would be special but Nights Like This hit unexpectedly hard. It was a slow-burner just like the song itself, slowly taking over the charts and becoming one of Kehlani's biggest hits. It has this unusual ability of feeling both icy and warm. The lyrics are of heartbreak but the beat and the vocals feel like a giant cuddle. Night Like This features some of Ty and Kehlani's best work.



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Kehlani & Justin Bieber
Kehlani and Justin Bieber. Press Pic Supplied.
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