5 Of Day1's Hypest Music Videos

  • 5 Of Day1's Hypest Music Videos

    Day1. Photo supplied.

    Brisbane artist Day1's just dropped his latest track, King Of My City, and it's a track about reminding everyone who runs Brissie. Speaking about the track, he says, “King Of My City is the statement I wanted to make before I started my new wave sounds. It’s how I feel because I have always represented my city, we all kings for pushing our city on our back."

    Day1's always used YouTube to his advantage, and it's worked well for him. When we spoke to him in 2020, Day1 said that dropping on YouTube is "mainly for the video to gain people's attention online. They like seeing a video more than hearing audio, it’s like they discover who I am first and then later on go towards the platforms like Spotify and stuff like that."

    To celebrate the track's release, as well as the accompanying music video, we've taken a look at some of Day1's best music videos, and why each of them will help you feel like you're in charge of your area, wherever that may be. Day1 puts his all into his videos, and it's clearly paying off in spades.

    King Of My City

    Day1's latest track features a video directed by Kreezy Visions, and it's a combination of live footage, and footage he's recorded with his crew (his fellow "kings"). He's also busting out some hype dance moves, and it's a fun time. There's even a bit of a game of FIFA happening.

    By mixing the footage together of him performing, as well as hanging out with his squad, the video for King Of My City is a reminder that no matter how big he gets, he'll always remember his Day 1s. Just don't mess with any of his mates, or you'll face his full wrath.

    Wavey (feat. Davey)

    The video for Wavey is ice-cold, from the jewellery that Day1 flexes, to the heavy, fur-laden coats that he and his crew are wearing. It's a reminder of Day1's love of the finer things in life, but also a reminder of how deep his crew runs.

    The video mixes the style of darker, drill/grime videos with the high production of big-budget rap videos, and both Day1 and Davey are steezed out to their eyeballs in this clip. Like Day1's other videos and tracks, it's a reminder of his love of Brisbane. Speaking about working with Davey, Day1 says, “Davey’s the bro, that’s fam, me and him was chilling as usual, found a beat, and made a banger as usual to let the city know."


    Day1 promises to change your life with just one ring on BOSS, and this was the video that really kickstarted it all for him. Surrounded by his crew, this video replicates the style of hip-hop videos that have been huge in Australia in recent years, and everyone involved looks like they're having a ton of fun.

    There are even flares being set off in the background, which proves the truth of the phrase "no pyro, no party". The end of the video also features a brief moment of the whole squad singing the chorus, which is a nice touch.

    Shisha Chick

    Shisha Chick is a great reminder of Day1's softer side. He's trying to win the heart of the titular Shisha Chick, and he's headed to the jewellers to make it happen.

    The video was filmed in Nader Jewellers and The Spot Liverpool, but it's not all sparkling diamonds - Day1 takes his date to the local carnival, a reminder of the different sides of Day1's personality. Just like the clip for Wavey, this one was filmed by Jáen Collective, and their high-production style shines through.

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    Day1's video for Riding features his squad, but make no mistake, he's the star of the show in this one. Featuring Valentina Attard, Day1's stuck in two minds in this one. Does he go spend time with the girl he's into, or hang out with his mates?

    You can see his thoughts playing off throughout the video, and in the end, he ends up making time for everyone involved. This is another Jáen Collective film clip, and it's a simple yet effective clip, with only a couple of different sets used. Sometimes, less is more.



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Day1. Photo supplied.
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